The Gift for my Parents

Last Christmas I decided I would make a nice painting for my parents wall.  This would be a recreation of a page from the “Worms Bible” from Germany in the later part of the 12th century.  The piece was dramatic and had enough gold to catch the eye.  It also depicted the creation of light and the creation of eve so it was a nice religion neutral sort of image.

This is the extant piece I used as my exemplar


If you wish to read more about this page you can find it at the British Library’s page here.

I painted this illumination on pergamentata with watered gauche and tube gold.  While I used period techniques to transfer the pattern and paint it I did not use period pigments as it was just for a gift.  Sadly, because it was a gift I did not document my steps as I usually do so you will have to settle with final pieces only.

blogbible(click to see a larger image)

To ensure it’s longevity I had it professionally matted and framed. I was happy with the way the whole thing came out.



Fun With Fiber

Fiber. It’s all around you and these days most of it is machine made.  I care little about the modern methods of creating it, what really gets me is how it was manipulated and used to create beautiful and useful things in our past.  Don’t expect profound but, here, I will try to document some of my creations in fiber over the years and answer questions of creation and replication for folks.  Over the  years I have used facebook for this function but I know some people avoid that medium like the plague.

Well, be welcome and enjoy the ongoing experiments.